A few weeks ago we were introduced to a video that showed the impact that plastic straws were having on sea animals and on our environment. This shook us and moved us to take matters into our own hands. This is when we decided to join the #NoStrawChallenge campaign.

This campaign encourages people to stop using straws on a daily basis. The first step for us was to get informed about what’s going on. We asked environmental specialist Stephany Stalling to come in to our office and share with us a presentation that showed the impact that plastic has had on our planet. She also gave us creative and useful alternatives on how we could help and contribute in some small way to fix this problem. After this, we felt the need to inform our Instagram followers and get the word out.

Don Limon’s team took matters into their hands and joined this movement by stopping the use of plastic straws.

The result was better than we’ve imagined. By the end of that week we started to receive pictures of our team drinking without straws. This also began a conversation of coming together to create change and that’s when people started to join and decide to say no to plastic straws.

Later on that week we shared two informational posts on our social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and one post that introduced our hashtag #NOSTRAWCHALLENGE.

The first post informed on how according to a new study, led by Qamar Schuyler of the University of Queensland and published in Global Change Biology, “13 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year” and as a result “52% of sea turtles worldwide have ingested some form of plastic”. After posting this we announced the #NOSTRAWCHALLENGE and encouraged our followers to join us and help stop incrementing these statistics.








We knew that, like every movement, if we didn’t provide people with tools they can use as a solution to the habit of drinking with plastic straws, they would be most likely going back to their old ways.

That’s why we encouraged them to switch to glass straws. Apparently since this matter came to peoples knowledge, glass straws were fabricated so that we could be able to replace plastic for glass. We also came to know that there are multiple benefits to switching from plastic straws to glass straws like glass doesn’t leak toxins into your beverages and they are dishwasher safe making them easy to clean and sterilize.

So we included these posts to our social media campaign to provide our followers with a great alternatives that will not only benefit our environment but also themselves.










Joining this movement showed us how we can contribute to the solution to problems like this. Also it showed us that we can move others to take action and do good. So now we want to know.. After reading this, will you continue with your old ways or join in and help us make a change?

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